Designing in natural cycles

‘Designing in Natural Cycles’

Language: English

Duration: 1 or 2 weeks

Certificate: basic certificate after 1 week / advanced certificate after 2 weeks


In this course you learn to think and act based on circular systems. You learn to work with design principles for a sustainable system, in which everything has multiple functions and waste is non-existent. You learn how to observe these principles in nature and find ways to put these natural laws into daily human practice. Instead of ‘end of pipe’ solutions, you will design cyclic solutions, in the smallest possible action range.



Monday to Friday: each day 2 dayparts course with variation between theory and practice both inside and outside

Saturday: excursion to inspiring location in the area

Sunday: no program, so free to enjoy the farm and area


Coursefee, including all organic vegetarian meals and housing

6 days: € 740,-